Introducing the Compare Africa Group


The Compare Africa Group, officially created earlier this year, includes CompareGuru, PriceCheck, and ShoppingFeeder. Funded, in part, by Silvertree Capital, the three CEOs are Ryan Marx (also CEO of CompareGuru), Kevin Tucker (also CEO of PriceCheck), and Andrew Lynch (also CEO of ShoppingFeeder).

CompareGuru, originally known as Click n Compare, started as a marketplace for consumers to combine all their financial needs in November 2013. Operating from South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya, CompareGuru is based on The Guru (animated mascot), a financial services expert, readily available to provide tips and advice to users.

“We have come a long way in the insurance-tech space and are excited to implement some new features we believe will greatly enhance the user experience.” – Ryan Marx (CEO of CompareGuru and the Compare Africa Group)

PriceCheck, one of South Africa’s leading comparison guides that helps online stores market their product data, deals more on the product comparison side of things. The aim of PriceCheck is to keep customers updated on the latest deals and best prices for consumer products in the marketplace. Finally, ShoppingFeeder, founded by Kevin Tucker (CEO of PriceCheck) in 2014, helps online stores market and distribute their product data. ShoppingFeeder provides an easy to use web-based service that lets e-commerce merchants manage product data across a multitude of channels, avoid missing sales as a result of mismanaged inventory and analyse product data down to the minute.

“We consider ourselves an e-commerce enabler and wish to partner with all e-commerce platforms within Sub Saharan Africa.” – Andrew Lynch (CEO of ShoppingFeeder and the Compare Africa Group)

Soon after the acquisition of PriceCheck by CompareGuru and Silvertree Capital in November 2015, it made sense to create an umbrella group encompassing both companies and, later, ShoppingFeeder as well. Due to the comparative angle evident in both CompareGuru and PriceCheck, and the strong online element of all three, the founders decided on the Compare Africa Group. In a nutshell, “The Compare Africa Group is Africa’s leading online service and product comparison platform, providing consumers with an easy-to-use interface in order to find the most affordable deals, saving time and money”.

“Ultimately, the Compare Africa Group’s strategy is to close the loop for consumers and gain maximum market share for all online, shopping and other comparison-related consumer needs in Sub Saharan Africa.” – Kevin Tucker (CEO of PriceCheck and the Compare Africa Group)

Strategy moving forward for the Group includes collaboration, where it makes sense, as well as expansion into the rest of Africa. All three maintain a focus on their South African markets, rolling out developments there first and then re-iterating these in other markets. Each aims to double their audiences on a yearly basis.

The Compare Africa Group is set to make great strides in the coming year. To get involved, either through investing, partnering or becoming a Compare Africa Group employee, contact us now. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of something great!