Founded by Kevin Tucker in 2014,  ShoppingFeeder helps online stores market and distribute their product data. Listing products on product comparison websites and marketplaces is a complex and technical process.

The ShoppingFeeder platform was developed to solve this problem by allowing any e-commerce retailer, irrespective of technical ability, to expand the reach of their products and in-turn grow their sales.

ShoppingFeeder provides an easy to use web-based service that lets e-commerce merchants manage product data across a multitude of channels, avoid missing sales as a result of mismanaged inventory and analyse product data down to the minute

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Becoming largest service and product comparison engine in Africa and leading source of traffic for local providers.


Educating South African consumers on the most affordable product and service options.


  • Maintain user-friendly, easy-to-use platform
  • Produce quality leads for partner providers
  • Help consumers save money and educate them on product offerings
  • Offer wide variety of products services

Core Values

  • Reliable
  • Convenient
  • Trustworthy
  • Informed
  • Money-saving